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Average Response Time  
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CCTV Activations Processed 
over 2 Million 
Average Response Time  
25 Minutes 
CCTV Activations Processed 
over 2 Million 

Unlike other types of security, CCTV is the only way to monitor the entire site simultaneously. Whether in conjunction with onsite security, or remotely monitored, Cava Security Services can tailor your provision to suit your business needs. 

This can reduce the risk of intrusion, assist with lone worker monitoring and aid in the mitigation of insurance claims for health and safety incidents. Our immix platform can integrate with thousands of NVRs manufacturers. We can also advise regarding the best options when it comes to installing a new CCTV system. 

Our range of CCTV Monitoring services include monitoring in real-time, or reactive monitoring via motion sensors, and are available 24 hours/365 days a year. We can give you the peace of mind that a fully trained, SIA qualified, operator will be keeping a close eye on your premises all day, every day. 

Our monitoring platform incorporates the latest technology making it intelligent enough to decipher movement of people and vehicles. This cuts out other triggers which would confuse an older system into activating the alarm unnecessarily. 
Our experienced CCTV Operators have direct links to the emergency services and our key holding response team. If an issue such as fire, flood or trespassing should occur, the alarm can be raised and the situation be dealt with in much less time. For customers who choose to have speakers fitted to their site, our verbal warnings are an incredibly strong deterrent. With this we can warn intruders that they are being watched, and that security officers and police are on their way - most will not hang around. All data we hold is GDPR compliant and we work closely with local constabularies, if required, to provide evidence for prosecution. 

You can rest assured that our Remote Video Solutions are cost effective and fully compliant with cyber security and data privacy legislation. 

Installations, maintenance, monitoring and remote services are handled by us. This reduces the time and hassle of managing multiple supplier relationships. 

With Cava Security Services managing your system remotely, we can alert you to security threats, closely monitor system health, carry out performance checks and address technical issues - without ever needing to visit your site. Whether you're looking for an entirely new security solution or working with legacy technology, our robust consultation will identify your site's risks. We will provide tailored advice and solutions tailored to your budget. 
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