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Average Response Time  
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CCTV Activations Processed 
over 2 Million 

Our customers request mobile patrol services for various reasons. 

A core reason is to avoid putting staff at risk when they are unlocking or locking the premises and the alarm is temporarily disabled. Also, to reduce costs incurred where an insurance company insist a second person should be present to open or close the premises. We provide a cost effective solution to replace the need for out-of-hours security personnel manning the premises consistently. Patrols can be randomised, so that anyone observing the premises would not be able to predict the presence of our officers. This also means we can accommodate your requirements regarding staff coming in early, or working late. 
Our mobile patrols negate the need for you to ask your staff to go 'above and beyond', checking the entire premises (including all doors, windows, grills etc.). Often, security systems might fail to set properly, our patrols take away the need for a member of your team to wait around on an empty premises for an engineer to arrive. For premises such as schools and further education complexes that are looked after by caretakers, our mobile patrols support lone worker monitoring, mitigating against health and safety risks. 

Our officers are trained extensively to provide a second to none service for you and your premises. 

Your premises are protected to a standard you would expect from an SIA ACS accredited company, in the top 10% of it's catergory. To ensure we provide accountability - our staff have a schedule of patrols throughout the night which they mark as complete once all patrol tags have been tagged. We always have back up in place, ready to dispatch should incidents happen whilst our patrol officers are opening or closing your premises. Our liveried security vehicles are tracked and monitored by our control room teams. This ensures we can provide an effective service, even for those last minute, ad hoc requirements. 
Trained in responding to live incidents, our officers know the signs to look for regarding vandalism and break-ins. We take photographic evidence, complete incident reports, re-secure the premises and monitor from a safe vantage point to ensure no further intrusion. Dog handlers are an effective way to secure sites that are frequently troublesome or have problems with unwanted visitors. If an intruder were to ignore multiple warnings to leave the premises a canine can be released and subdue them, our handlers have certification and insurances in place to mitigate your business against claims. Adhering to legal requirements, we erect signage around premises that we look after. 

We use the latest technology, including our secure paperless app, to optimise patrol routes and reduce our carbon footprint. This technology allows us to evidence patrols through weekly update reports to our customers. 

Due to the low turnover of staff on our Patrol & Response teams, you are guaranteed regular, familiar faces of the officers attending your premises. As well as performing over 30,000 patrol site visits a year across the UK helping to protect our customers premises, we work closely with the police. We have partnered with some constabularies to assist them with safety in the community, helping reduce crime by offering a corporate and social responsibility. Our officers are the community's eyes and ears on the ground, as they are driving around local areas and are trained to look out for suspicious activity. Customers renew their services with us year on year to protect family, friends and employees from the dangers associated with conflict management or physical assualts that can occur when securing premises. 

Because we understand that each of our customers has different requirements, our experienced team will create schedules and service level agreements tailored to fit your business needs. 

Our quotes are qualified with a survey of your premises to ensure that all aspects, and any concerns, are adressed in the specific assignment instructions. We are audtied by the SIA and all customer data is kept secure, adhering to strict guidelines regarding storage. For customers with national branches or multiple sites, an experienced account manager will get to know your company. This ensures you have a single point of contact who is up to speed on all your requirements. For our residential customers, our security staff can provide around the clock surveilance and protection, giving communities peace of mind. 
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