One of the response teams was despatched at 21.27 on the 21st August to find when he arrived only 9 minutes later that it was in fact a break-in. Our officer on the ground attended well before the police and was able to advise the police of the update before they arrived. Our client was advised and attended the premise, the officer stayed with the client while he sorted securing the premises. Our officer Simon was commended by the customer in the following days saying how helpful and calming he was during this very stressful incident, in addition to the team at Cava providing such a rapid response. The intruders took flight as a consequence of the officers attendance, this could have been a very different story, however, our officers are trained on conflict management and physical intervention along with performing dynamic risk assessments when they arrive on site along with lone worker monitoring from our controllers and back up officers if incidents where to escalate…..all this for less than a £1 per day.

Cava Security Services Ltd, helping to secure businesses in this instance across Redditch.