The Hatton Garden Jewellery theft was a prime example of the uncertainty for some customers whom think they are going to get a response from their local constabulary if their alarm activates. There are various responses the police can apply; this may be due to the amount of activation”s the alarm has produced. It may also be down to if there has been a confirmed alarm or not, this is called sequential normally and produces a confirmed alarm. This is also depending on factors such as police resources and other responses required which take priority by more critical circumstances which may also compromise a response by the police to your premises.Cava Security Services Limited can provide that guaranteed response by offering a professional alarm response and key holding service. Our officers are SIA trained as well as the company being an SIA approved contractor which most insurance companies will require as fundamental to accepting a security company providing these services. Regardless of how many activation”s you have had, type of signals sent, Cava Security Services Limited will always attend your premises and deal with any circumstances negating the need for you or your staff attending potentially a hostile situation.