Cava Security Services Limited are here to protect your premises from intruders and safeguard your property. With this as our prime objective we are able to schedule mobile patrols to meet your specific needs.Mobile patrols can be a cost effective part of your security arrangements. They can also be very flexible-arriving at pre-agreed times or at random within specific time frames during the night and throughout the weekends. Patrols are therefore a highly effective method of security cover and are used by a great many companies and organisations when they feel it is not practical or cost effective to employ full time security officers.Patrol officers come in high profile liveried vehicles for maximum deterrent value. Their pre-agreed tasks can range from simple external checks of premises access points such as gates and main doors to full internal patrols. A variety of reporting methods are also available to our customers. In the event of an incident you will be informed immediately, as will the emergency services if required. Where necessary we can arrange for emergency plumbers, glaziers etc., to be in attendance.So you can see the service is very flexible so that we can always tailor mobile patrols to meet your particular site needs. Following an initial risk assessment process, we can agree the security tasks you require including the frequency of visits. We will produce a weekly/monthly report showing visit times and other information to satisfy you that the tasks are properly carried out.Mobile Patrol service features:

  • GPRS tracked high profile liveried vehicles
  • Fixed or random patrols-internally and externally or both as required
  • Opening and closing premises at specific times
  • Void Property Patrolling
  • Real time reporting of visits as they occur with our GPRS tagging system

Patrol officers also carry a small stock of padlocks so that we can secure a site if a crime has been committed.Our company holds UKAS ISO9001:2008 quality accreditation. This means you can be confident that our processes, procedures and service meet the highest standard.

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